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Can We Recreate Our Past Memories In The Metaverse?

I have dreams about my childhood, which took place in my childhood house we moved from decades ago. It doesn’t exist anymore. But I miss it. This is why I dream about that place. I remember every piece of my room in that house, every detail. The couch, the chairs, the bookshelf, the balcony, and the view. I always wished to go back there and see and live a little more there. But I knew that it is impossible, I lived in that house since I was 15, and now not even those furniture exists. After waking up from that dream, I always felt hopeless because I can not deliberately, awaken go and experience there. Not until today….

I just realized that we can recreate our memories in the Metaverse. I remember every detail, every color, every inch, so I can build that room again virtually. After building my past childhood room from my memory I can easily go there and have some quiet time. That place would only be mine :) After building my memory in the past, I won’t be dependent on my dreams to see and experience that place anymore. Maybe later I can invite my friends to my memory and show what kind of childhood I had. Maybe I can recreate some photos and memories a couple of years later and can show them how funny a childhood I had.

Maybe not now, since I do not have technical knowledge and tools. But people with those tools can start building now. But a couple of years from now, every person in the metaverse could be able to build their world, some already started. This idea of not only building the future but also recreating memories will also be considered. Maybe Metaverse is not only our future but a passage through our past.

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